We know apps and we know physical products. What we live for is combining the two, creating connected products that people love. Through smart research, innovative design, and disciplined project management, we deliver these products efficiently and effectively. We build success.

The Back Story

An ancestor of the iPad is responsible for the existence of Veux Labs. In 1999, Steve Brown and Karl Allen were part of the team developing Intel’s HomePad, a first-of-its-kind wireless tablet for consumers. As the project’s engineering leader, Karl hired Steve and his firm for industrial design and product development of the HomePad.

The HomePad may have fizzled—it was perhaps a little too ahead of its time—but the creative partnership was a success. In 2012, Karl and Steve decided to start their own company. Veux Labs would draw upon their experience in design, app development, and hardware and firmware development to create seamlessly integrated software and hardware.

Karl Allen


Karl knows software. Karl knows hardware. Most importantly, Karl knows execution. He is responsible for Veux’s mobile software and systems architecture, Agile product development process, and project management. Read more.. He has deep expertise in connecting apps and hardware through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi wireless, or wired interfaces like the Apple Lightning port.

Karl’s extensive professional experience includes serving as director of technology and quality at LSI, and chief technology officer at Planet Halo, where he developed smartphones, online services, and data gateways. Before Halo, Karl spent a decade with Intel, beginning as a software architect in the company’s architecture labs, moving on to the new business group, and then serving as senior and founding member of the home medical monitoring business division.

While at Intel, Karl led the design and development of the world’s first wireless tablet for consumers. He also oversaw the creation of a web-based health services initiative and a speech-enabled wireless device for health professionals.

Steve Brown


For more than two decades, Steve has led teams in the conceptualization and design of mobile and consumer technology products. He knows that UX is an engine of business value—it is essential to products that people need and desire. Read more.. Steve leads research, planning, design, and development of Veux Labs software projects like FlightLink, a voice recorder for pilots. He has also overseen the creation of numerous fitness apps for Nautilus brands: Schwinn, Bowflex, and Nautilus. Steve’s role entails coordinating the globally dispersed Veux Labs design and development team. He is a firm believer in the “Lean UX” and Agile approaches to design and product development: constant evaluation through a “collaborate, build, assess, learn” iterative cycle.

Prior to Veux, Steve was the senior director of Avaya’s Design and User Experience Group, where he was responsible for unified communications, collaboration, and contact center portfolios. He led the design of application-user experiences for smartphones, tablets, notebooks, desktops, and embedded systems.

Steve’s professional experience also includes leading the corporate “Center-of-Excellence” for design and user experience at Nortel; serving as partner at Fiori, a product design firm in Portland, Oregon; leading product design at Ziba, also in Portland; and working as a development manager at Intel, where he received the Intel Achievement Award.


Veux Labs is a virtual business—by design. This approach keeps us nimble. We minimize overhead costs so our fees are competitive. We can also handpick the team that best suits a given project. Our designers and developers are dispersed across several countries, giving Veux Labs global insights into consumer, design, and technology trends.

How do we make virtual work? We use time-tested management tools and technologies to ensure clear communication and precise execution. We also implement the principles of Lean UX and Agile to ensure coordinated design and development collaboration from start to finish, from approved design to final product—no shortcuts, mistranslations, or divergence.


Veux’s leaders have been innovating in consumer and business technology since 1998, working for IT leaders, telecoms, and health care, aviation, automotive, fitness and outdoor recreation companies. Collectively, we've developed more than 100 products. Together, these projects have garnered 50 design and innovation awards, generated press, and earned hundreds of millions in revenue.


Our capabilities can be tailored to your particular needs. In the past, we’ve implemented stand-alone research and design projects, developed prototype apps and other short-term technology exploration projects, and, of course, utilized our full range of services for comprehensive app and software development projects.