Creating Apps and Objects That Work

  • Product Research + Strategy
  • User Experience Design
  • Application Development for Connected Products
  • Connected Mobile Apps


Where apps and the real world converge

We have deep product design and app development expertise. We are passionate about bringing these capabilities together to create seamlessly integrated physical products and apps.

Want software that users love? Looking for an app that enhances your latest device? Need a client-server system that delivers real value? We’re your team.


Focusing on the end-user

Insight into the needs, desires, and concerns of the end-user is essential to creating a superior product. Understanding of user priorities guides our entire design and development process.



Keeping it simple

Our design solutions are clear and intuitive, even when the underlying workflow between app and hardware is complicated. We think that being an international team gives Veux Labs the broad perspective necessary for truly human-centered design. We have a healthy skepticism of the latest trends, favoring a modern, global, accessible aesthetic.

App Development

Staying agile

Our engineering department ensures end products that match the intent of the original design. We build apps in a series of "sprints,” adding functionality and refinement with each sprint. Being nimble makes us efficient and responsive to change. We have expertise in native iOS, native Android, and web platforms for both consumer-focused apps and enterprise systems.

Connected Products

Gracefully integrating apps and objects

We love problem solving. One of our favorite challenges is making the communication between apps and hardware products seem effortless. We have extensive experience in uniting hardware, firmware, and app interfaces.

Project Management

Staying on track

Project management is one of Veux's core strengths, expertise earned from years of working complex technology projects. We know first-hand that discipline is crucial for end-game success.

Support And Maintenance

Ensuring long-term performance

Technology is ever evolving. We stay on board after launch to keep your product up to date and running smoothly.